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Rocky Knob Sustainable Tourism Centerpiece Project Summary (September 2009 | Document Size = 0.5 MB)
The summary of the final report:

  • Describes how the individual tasks build on each other to result in two tourism centerpiece development alternatives;
  • Provides a detailed description of each development alternative, including site acreage and budget requirements;
  • Identifies potential funding sources for these development alternatives, and
  • Discusses challenges and limitations related to the development of these alternatives.

The report summary is 18 pages in length. The report summary is intended to accompany the full report (below).


Rocky Knob Sustainable Tourism Centerpiece Project Full Report (September 2009 | Document Size = 30 MB)
The final report includes conclusions and recommendations made by the research team to Blue Ridge Heritage Inc.  The final report is nearly 200 pages in length, but is searchable by key word in pdf format and includes a table of contents. The final report includes the following components:

  • Executive Summary
  • Community Asset/Resource Inventory Part I
  • Survey of Current Visitors
  • Tourism Scenario Suitability Analyses and Concepts
  • Survey of Potential Visitors
  • Economic Impact Analysis of a Potential Rocky Knob Centerpiece
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Conclusions and Recommendations: Tourism Development Scenarios


Floyd and Patrick County GIS Community Mapping Inventory (October 2008 | Document Size: 113 MB )
This report provides an overview of the community mapping process and the three levels of geography that were inventoried, due to their potential influence on the Rocky Knob project. These three levels include:

  • Level 3 - Multi-state (two and four hour driving times from Rocky Knob);
  • Level 2 - Regional Inventory (Floyd, Patrick and all adjacent counties);
  • Level 1 - Local Level Inventory (Emphasis on Floyd and Patrick counties.

A community mapping inventory was conducted at all three levels, with an emphasis on Level 1. Maps (in .pdf format) associated with the three levels are included in the 3 appendices. This report is approximatley 126 pages in length.

You can also download individual sections of this report:

Presentations: (Microsoft Office PowerPoint)

For additional information, please contact Blue Ridge Heritage:

Blue Ridge Heritage, Inc.
PO Box 269
Stuart, VA 24171


Support for this program has been provided by:
Blue Ridge Heritage, Inc., Virginia Tech, Clemson Univ., and Virginia Cooperative Extension