The Virginia Geospatial Extension Program


The mission of the Geospatial Extension Program is to facilitate, through a systematic and coordinated approach, the dissemination and appropriate application of geospatial information and tools at the local, regional, and state levels. The Program seeks to expand opportunities for citizens and organizations across the Commonwealth to apply geospatial tools for economic and social benefit.


The objectives of the Virginia Geospatial Extension Program include the following:

  • To support and provide educational outreach and engagement programs, materials, and training for extension agents, faculty, and other organizations at local and regional levels related to GPS, GIS and the use of satellite imagery;
  • To develop funding opportunities that will further enhance the understanding and application of geospatial tools and techniques at local, regional, and state levels across Virginia and the region;
  • To develop and disseminate geospatial educational materials, and to support the integration of these new materials at the K-12, community college, college, and graduate educational levels;
  • To facilitate information sharing.