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Virginia Geospatial Extension Program

Virginia Geospatial Extension Program
Virginia Geospatial Extension Program

Virginia's Geospatial Extension Program serves to directly support the role of Virginia’s communities and other stakeholders, by engaging professionals and organizations through technical training and assistance, through the development of educational resources, and through the identification and development of geospatial applications. The Geospatial Extension Program also coordinates with other organizations that have a vested interest in empowering local stakeholders and educators to better support the management of Virginia's resources.

While geospatial tools have proven to be a critical element to support the efficient management of Virginia's communities on many levels, these tools are often perceived to be accessible only by "technology experts". Therefore, the benefits associated with these tools have not always trickled-down to local stakeholders. Ironically, it is these stakeholders who often have close ties with the land and their communities. Furthermore, local knowledge of resources patterns and pressures are often not incorporated vertically at other levels in the decision-making process. Virginia's Geospatial Extension program  encourages the implementation of technology and resources to bridge this information chasm.

A key and unique component of this program, is its integration with Virginia Cooperative Extension, through all programming areas: Agriculture and Natural Resource, Community Viability, Food and Consumer Sciences, and 4-H Youth Educational initiatives, to support the dissemination of information, training, and application development at the grassroots level. 

Virginia's Geospatial Extension Programs

Virginia's Geospatial Extension Programs

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MC 0324
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Blacksburg, VA 24061
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